Alba Diagnostics ALB598 Portable Pressure Brake Bleeder


Alba Diagnostics Portable Pressure Brake Bleeder - 12V, 0-3.0 BAR, 5 litre.

Pressure bleeding is the only method approved by brake manufacturers

  • Full fluid change can be completed by a single operator in approx. 15 minutes
  • Fully adjustable pressure regulator 0 – 3.0 bar
  • Draws fluid direct from 5L container
  • Auto cut-off prevents air entering system if fluid supply is interrupted
  • Portable unit with carry handle – only 9.0kg
  • Operates from 12V battery power supply
  • Heavy duty pump for long life
  • Coiled brake fluid delivery hose for ease of use and storage
  • Supplied complete with ALB30564B; multi-vehicle cap and European cap kit
  • OEM approved

Fact: It only takes 1 minute to test!  With simple actions:

  • Less than 180 degree C - Replace brake fluid immediately.
  • Between 180 degree C and 200 degree C - Re-test within  3 months.
  • More than 200 degree C - Check at next inspection.

Fast, full fuid change:

  • Only 15 minutes.
  • One person operation.

Significant profit opportunities:

  • Just two servces a week could earn an extra £24,000.00 per annum!
  • Figures based on £50.00 per service, 5 days week, and 48 week year.