Which? say MOTs every two years would be a safety disaster

Consumer group Which? have a discussion page on their website and recently they launched a discussion about the Government's proposal to extend the frequency of the UK's MOT test.  The discussion, launched by Dave Evans, states that in his opinion:

 'It’s certain to lead to a reduction in the safety of UK cars, many of which are only subjected to safety checks because the owner is legally required to get the MOT.  Changing the rules would mean that a safety fault could easily go undetected for twice as long before it is found.  And the potential for an in-service failure must be higher too – which could be catastrophic for safety systems like the brakes, steering or tyres.'

He goes on to appeal to people to 'reject this proposal as an irresponsible and retrograde step and help keep all UK road-users safe.'

The discussion can be viewed in full at http://conversation.which.co.uk/transport-travel/mots-every-two-years-would-be-a-safety-disaster/


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