MOT Success

Last week we received the fantastic news that  Transport Secretary Justine Greening announced they were going to drop the review of the MOT test frequency and keep the test as it is now.

She stated that the Government will retain the existing frequency of MoT tests (cars will be tested after three years, and annually thereafter). “Our garages are crucial to ensuring that Britain’s roads continue to be among the safest in the world,” Ms Greening said.

“Most are doing good work but the latest data shows that there is room for improvement.”

Ms. Greening also said: “I want each motorist to be confident that a visit to the garage ends with their car repaired to a high standard by reputable mechanics rather than uncertainty about cost and the quality of service. Giving drivers the very best information about garage performance is absolutely key to achieving this goal.” The MoT test is vital in ensuring that road deaths and injuries are kept to their minimum – something the proposed changes might have had an impact on.

As active participants inthe  'proMOTe' campaign with our Director Ian Gott lending his voice to the debate with comment pieces published in both local and national press, speaking out against the changes, we are delighted with this outcome.

For further comment from Ian Gott you can read his blog at

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