Gott’s Guides Profile: Ian Gott

Our first expert Ian Gott

To help give garage owners and mechanics the best advice for maintaining garage equipment, saving money, health and safety, and running a ‘green’ garage, we will be sharing our expert knowledge on our social channels.

To kick off, we will be profiling the individuals who work hard behind the scenes at Gott, so that you get to know the experts behind the advice.

Check back on our social channels as we will be posting frequent hints and tips from our experts, as well as a ‘Gott’s Guide’ blog post covering advice on a different topic each week in July.

Our first expert to be revealed, Ian Gott, answers below:

1.) How long have you worked at Gott Technical Services?

Amazingly, it’s been 26 years!

2.) Talk us through one of your normal days at work.

It’s very varied - some days I am in the office and others I am out visiting clients and some days it’s a bit of both. The first thing I like to do is get an overview of things then I work on enquiries, later on reviewing the days activities.

3.) What is your position/job title there?

Sales & Marketing Director, but I cover a broad spectrum of things within the company including working with our engineers.

4.) What’s your favourite part of your job?

The broad variety of clients and enquiries, solving people’s problems and working to challenging deadlines. I’m also a big fan of cars.

5.) Is there any particular piece of equipment that you specialise in or feel you know most about?

I think I am probably most knowledgeable about the wide range of vehicle lifts we sell. It’s amazing how many different lifting requirements there are for the variety of vehicles on today’s roads.

Sports cars are interesting ones to lift, as they're very low to the ground and have a small area to lift from.

6.) What do you like to do in your spare time?

Gym, judo, cycling, and I’m really into music - Bruce Springsteen’s recent concert in Sunderland was fantastic and I love good food and drink.

Ian’s Top Tip:

The handling of oil can be an issue. It is important to make sure every step of the process, from getting the oil from the tank or drum, to putting it in the engine is carefully controlled so no oil can leak into the water course.

Properly bunded tanks, oil drum stands and hose reel systems can help with this.


The HSE are focusing on the safe handling of petrol in garages. When petrol has to be removed from a vehicle's fuel tank it must be handled safely to avoid fire risk. Read HSE leaflet INDG331 'Safe Use Of Petrol In Garages’ as this will explain what you should do to handle petrol safely.

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