Gott’s Guides Profile: John Stainthorpe

Our second expert John Stainthorpe

To help give garage owners and mechanics the best advice for maintaining garage equipment, saving money, health and safety, and running a ‘green’ garage, we will be sharing our expert knowledge on our social channels.

To kick off, we will be profiling the individuals who work hard behind the scenes at Gott, so that you get to know the experts behind the advice.

Check back on our social channels as we will be posting frequent hints and tips from our experts, as well as a ‘Gott’s Guide’ blog post covering advice on a different topic each week in July.

Our second expert to be revealed, John Stainthorpe, answers below:

1.) How long have you worked at Gott Technical Services?

I’ve been here 16 years.

2.) What is your position/job title there?

I’m a Project Manager

3.) What’s the favourite thing you like about your job?

It has to be the amount of freedom and variety I have on a daily basis. One minute I’m in the office dealing with a sales enquiry, the next I’m in London planning out an installation for a national motor dealer.

4.) Is there any particular piece of equipment that you specialise in or feel you know most about?

I have a strong knowledge of MOT bays and how to layout and install the equipment needed for a new garage. I also use CAD which is software that helps me plan out which type of equipment will fit best in a garage based on the space available.

5.) What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a big fan of cooking and my favorite dish to cook up is a Tarte Provencale.

6.) Talk us through one of your normal days at work.

That’s a tough one as no two days are the same, but it generally starts with a strong cup of coffee, which sets me up for the day, and then I’ll take a look at our sales enquiries for that day.

I then research and source equipment for any new clients, based on their needs and the space they have available in their workshop. Once that process is complete, I pass it on to the other engineers who install the equipment.

John’s Top Tip

My top tip I have saves money and energy and it’s quite a straight forward one.

When you’re using an air compressor, you should always listen for air leaks when in the workshop. You discover these by listening out for a hissing noise when in the workshop.

Air leaks can cause your air compressor to kick-start and use unwanted energy, so it’s best to source and block the air leak when possible or turn off your air compressor at the plug when it’s not in use.

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