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Image Our final expert: Richard Walker

To help give garage owners and mechanics the best advice for maintaining garage equipment, saving money, health and safety, and running a ‘green’ garage, we will be sharing our expert knowledge on our social channels.

To kick off, we will be profiling the individuals who work hard behind the scenes at Gott, so that you get to know the experts behind the advice.

Check back on our social channels as we will be posting frequent hints and tips from our experts, as well as a ‘Gott’s Guide’ blog post covering advice on a different topic each week in July.

Our second expert to be revealed, Richard Walker, answers below:

1.) How long have you worked at Gott Technical Services?

In total I have worked here for 22 years now.

2.) What is your position/job title there?

My current position is Senior Service Engineer.

3.) What’s the favourite thing you like about your job?

Working at Gott, you’re always doing something different. On a daily basis I perform a variety of tasks either in our Morpeth based office or out at one of our customer’s garages.

4.) Is there any particular piece of equipment that you specialise in or feel you know most about?

Due to the large variety of equipment we install and maintain it’s difficult to specialise in one particular piece of kit. What I’ve found is I have a good general knowledge of all the equipment we sell.

5.) What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like motorcycling and I’m also quite into photography.  

6.) Please talk us through a normal day at work.

Each day is always different and can vary depending on what’s on that day.

Some days are spent in the office dealing with customer enquiries and advising on service matters. On others I’m out in different garages and workshops around the country installing or repairing garage equipment and carrying out service checks.

Richard’s top tip

When engineers visit workshops to maintain vehicle lifts they sometimes find that technicians have wedged something into the controls to override the ‘deadman switch’ so the lift will lower without them being there. 

They do this so they do not have stand there and wait for the lift to lower.  This is potentially very dangerous!  Vehicle lifts are fitted with ‘deadman’ controls for a reason – the lift can only be lowered when somebody is controlling it.  When lowering a lift the operator should be present, keeping an eye on the area to check that people or obstructions are not under the vehicle, and that the vehicle is still safely loaded on the lift.

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