Gott's Guide to Saving Money

See below our weekly roundup of money saving tips for garage owners and mechanics:

Tip 1: Don’t dive into buying a lift without fully doing your research. You’ll be surprised at the range of lifts out there from two and four post lifts with a base or without, to scissor lifts and so it goes on.

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, ask one of our experts to get in contact with you on Twitter to avoid making any costly mistakes.

John Stainthorpe (Project Manager)

Tip 2: If you’re searching for a lift we always recommend Rotary.

The AR40-44 Electro-hydraulic class IV MOT lift has a 4 tonne lifting capacity as standard. This is an extremely well built lift and exceeds Vosa’s requirements of 3 tonnes, so you’re getting a lift that is not going to be overworked and will have a long service life

Ian Gott (Managing Director)

Tip 3: Today’s money saving tip is from our expert senior engineer, Richard Walker:

With the latest Trademaster Brake Tester you can choose to combine emissions testing with the brake tester and it will all run wirelessly from one PC in the brake tester cabinet.

This means you not only save money on your initial purchase cost but also benefit from the savings made on having all of your MOT equipment serviced by one company.

For more information see our full Gott’s Guides video -

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

Tip 4: If you’re looking for garage equipment for the first time it may be difficult to know where to begin. Make sure you look for a recognised and trusted brand. We generally recommend European manufacturers that provide good warranties with their equipment.

As an engineer myself, I appreciate the fact that the company I work for only supply good quality equipment. For further advice you could request a free copy of our Trade Garage Equipment Buyers Guide.

We are still cautious about manufacturers based outside Europe and be careful if considering used equipment as quite often it can end up costing you more in the long-run, or may let you down.

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

Keep checking back for more hints and tips and to see the full Gott’s Guides each week.

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