Gott's Guide to Saving Time

See below our weekly roundup of time saving tips for garage owners and mechanics posted by our Gott experts this week:

Tip 1: A mechanic can save time if they always have a plug installed nearby. Which is why it is recommend that garage owners have them installed on every lift, so their mechanics never have to walk far to find a power source for their tools.

John Stainthorpe (Project Manager)

Tip 2: Keep track of your parts and nuts and bolts. If you’re working on something which has many different parts and it’s going to take you more than one day to complete the project label up everything with tape and paper.

It will take a short amount of time in the beginning but will save you bags of time in the end.

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

Tip 3: Magnetic tool holders can greatly increase productivity in the garage. This is a bracket with large magnets on the back, which clamp on to the lift post. You you can put a variety of tools on them to keep them close to hand. You can also keep things that you readily use like impact wrench and sockets for removing wheel nuts so the equipment is close to you at all times.

John Stainthorpe (Project Manager)

Tip 4: Always make sure your garage equipment is regularly maintained and the recommended repairs have been carried out.

In the office we always know when its Friday afternoon because we often get a call from somebody saying they have a car stuck up in the air on a lift and their customer is waiting to collect their car. This creates an emergency situation, which we always manage to respond to quickly but investing in the regular upkeep of lifts should minimise the chance of a panic situation occurring and save garage owners and mechanics time in the long run.

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

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