Gott's Guide to Health and Safety

See below our weekly roundup of health and safety tips for garage owners and mechanics posted by our Gott experts this week:

Tip 1: To ensure your two or four post vehicle lift is safe the operator should check all the ropes, chains, rollers and carriage pins are correctly lubricated on a monthly basis.

Ian Gott (Managing Director)

Tip 2: Remember to get a full service of your vehicle lift every six months by a competent person as advised by the health and safety executive BS7980 and the Garage Equipment Association.

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

Tip 3: It is recommended a garage owner purchases an air hose reel to help keep the hose off the floor to avoid any trips or falls when at work. When a mechanic is finished with the hose, he or she can give it one sharp pull and it automatically retracts.

(John Stainthorpe (Project Manager)

Tip 4When engineers visit workshops to maintain vehicle lifts they sometimes find that technicians have wedged something into the controls to override the ‘deadmanswitch’ so the lift will lower without them being there.

They do this so they do not have stand there and wait for the lift to lower. This is potentially very dangerous! Vehicle lifts are fitted with ‘deadman’ controls for a reason – the lift can only be lowered when somebody is controlling it. When lowering a lift the operator should be present, keeping an eye on the area to check that people or obstructions are not under the vehicle, and that the vehicle is still safely loaded on the lift.

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

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