Gott's Guide to a Greener Garage

See below our weekly roundup of environmentally friendly tips to help garage owners and mechanics maintain a greener garage posted by our Gott experts this week:

Tip1: The handling of oil can be an issue. It is important to make sure every step of the process, from getting the oil from the tank or drum, to putting it in the engine is carefully controlled so no oil can leak into the water course.

Properly bunded tanks, oil drum stands and hose reel systems can help with this issue.

Ian Gott (Managing Director)

Tip 2: This tip is great to help garage owners cut down on their power use and is quite a straight forward one. 

When you’re using an air compressor, you should always listen for air leaks when in the workshop. You discover these by listening out for a hissing noise when in the workshop. 

Air leaks can cause your air compressor to kick-start and use unwanted energy, so it’s best to source and block the air leak when possible or turn off your air compressor at the plug when it’s not in use.

(John Stainthorpe (Project Manager)

Tip 3: Always think: ‘recycle’. Many things in the garage can be recycled, from oil to anti-freeze. You can also recycle air filters, batteries, transmission fluids and brake fluid. 

Some companies will even come and pick them up for you.

Richard Walker (Senior Engineer)

Tip 4: The HSE are focusing on the safe handling of petrol in garages. When petrol has to be removed from a vehicle's fuel tank it must be handled safely to avoid fire risk. Read HSE leaflet INDG331 'Safe Use Of Petrol In Garages’ as this will explain what you should do to handle petrol safely.

Ian Gott (Managing Director)

Keep checking back in the future for hints, tips and comments on industry news. 

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