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Funding Available for Workshop Equipment

Estimates following the news this week that the Dutch major leasing bank ING is to pull out of the UK, suggest that their withdrawal could leave a £1 Billion "financial hole" in the UK funding market.  This year, 31% of total investment in new machinery and equipment has been paid for through leasing contracts. ING's rivals have promised to do what they can to fill the gap, but the UK may still be left with a shortfall.

At Gott Technical Services we are fortunate enough to have a variety of funding streams available to us to pass on to our clients and in partnership with our broker, Kennet Equipment Leasing have access to over 20 UK banks and money sources, as well as their own-book facility that allows us to provide finance for our customers using Kennet reserves.

So for us, nothing will change, and we have recently found that more of the orders we receive for new Garage Equipment are being financed by lease deals.  If you would like to know more about the finance facilities available you can:

Phone us on 01670 516816

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