The Weekly Roundup

Our top story looks at the headlines around the possible petrol fixing by major companies for a decade. If evidence comes out from raids of BP and Shell London offices, motorists could have paid thousands too much for their fuel as a result of dramatic rises in petrol prices since 2002.

Also this week, Motor Trader reports that according to published figures, dealer finance on new cars increased by 18% during the March plate-change and 22% for the first quarter of 2013. Read our final story to find out how independent garages can cut the costs to their end consumers – up to £40 less an hour!

Telegraph: Petrol price 'rigged for a decade'

Motor Trader: Dealer finance sales increase in March and Q1

AM Online: Dealers could follow new car sector and offer longer warranties on used

Motor Trader: High volumes of part-ex cars dent used values

Garage Expo: You could save your customers money

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