The Weekly Roundup

In this week’s roundup our top story looks at how car manufacturers are trying to encourage people to buy new models through PCP finance, despite the average cost of a new car rising by 1% in the past 3 months. The concept is that people would rather ‘rent’ a new car to lower their monthly payments and then have the freedom to upgrade to the latest models and specifications when they chose.

Also this week, want to know where the cheapest petrol station is or find out when your car was last serviced? Garage Expo shares driver’s favourite Smart phone Apps to help make your journey a bit smoother!

AM Online: Manufacturers offer attractive finance plans while increasing prices

Telegraph: Designing cars that women want to buy

Auto Car: UK car market shows encouraging growth in May

Telegraph: Black boxes could become the norm, says IAM

Garage Expo: Be a wiser driver! Be Wiser’s Favourite Driving Apps

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