The Weekly Roundup

Our top story this week looks at learner drivers possibly having to sit a minimum learning period of 35 hours as the Government searches for ways to reduce the number of accidents involving under 25’s. A survey from road safety charity ‘Brake’ explains why 84% of motorists would support this decision. The charity is also calling for post-test restrictions on novice drivers, such as a zero tolerance drink drive limit and a ban on late night driving and carrying friends.

In other news, we are being promised that the next generation of cars will talk and network with others on the road, looking around corners, and even through lorries by 2015! Vehicle manufacturers with factories in Germany are working towards fitting cars with "car-to-x" technology, which will allow them to do things such as warn of hazards far beyond the vision of the driver including traffic jams further along a motorway or a vehicle making an emergency stop up ahead!

Motor Trades Insight: Learner drivers should be taught for at least 35 hours, according to 9/10 motorists

Telegraph: Britain could overtake France to become second largest car maker in Europe

Telegraph: Fully comp car insurance is cheaper until you hit 40

MSN: Petrol pump prices edge higher

BBC: Germany's car-to-x communication system readies for launch

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