Top Tips: Purchasing a Vehicle Lift

All machinery sold within the European Community must meet Directive 2006/42/EC, otherwise known as the “Machinery Directive”. Most products and some lifting equipment, such as engine hoists and jacks can be certified that they meet the directive by the equipment’s manufacturer, agent or supplier.

However Annex-4 of the Directive requires that vehicle lifts used for the servicing of vehicles must have an EC type examination by a Notified Body.

The Notified Body will check that the vehicle lift either satisfies the Essential Health & Safety Requirements (EHSRs) of the Directive or that the lift manufacturer has followed the requirements BSEN1493 in their entirety.

On completion of the conformity assessment process the manufacturer, agent or supplier should prepare a Declaration of Conformity and apply a CE mark to the equipment. The Declaration should include details of the Notified Body who has undertaken the EC type examination and the assessment method, either EN1493 or the EHSRs.

Sound advice:

Always ask to see proof that the lift you are thinking of purchasing has been CE marked and is certified by one of the so called ‘Notified Bodies’. Doing so will ensure that the CE mark is genuine and that the lift has been manufactured to European standards. All certificates will contain both the name of the Notified Body and a certification number. Note that all the genuine Notified Bodies must be based in Europe.



To be continued… Next month we will be talking about the Installation of Vehicle lifts!


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