The Weekly Roundup

This week’s top story looks at the possible crisis of impending skill shortage as a result of the UK car production dramatically accelerating. According to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), there needs to be a doubling of new recruits to engineering by 2020! Individual companies, professional bodies and the Government must now work towards making engineering a more attractive career option for the next generation in order to sustain the future industry.

In other news, new research suggests death and serious injury collisions are reduced by 27% at sites with speed cameras in place. The data also uncovered vast differences in the number of fatal accidents that occurred in 2010 between 9 different regions where 551 cameras were installed.

Sky: UK Car Boom Risks Talent Pool 'Drying Up'

Fleet News: Tyre warning for wet summers

Garage Expo: "Trust Factor" becoming more important to used car buyers

BBC: Jobs boost for North East companies after £5.5m

Telegraph: Speed cameras cut deaths by more than a quarter

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