The Weekly Roundup

In this week’s top story, 3D Printing has been hailed as break through technology that could lead to a second industrial revolution. The 3D printer is used to create an object according to the design from a computer file using a variation of different materials. It has the potential to completely change the way that cars and car parts are designed and made forever.

In other news, research carried out by one of the World’s leading automotive manufacturer’s reveals that out of 2,538 drivers who had their car serviced due to a faulty electronic element, 89% were never offered ‘remanufacturing’ as an option by their mechanic, and 96% didn’t even know what this was!

Auto Express: 3D Printing: The future of the car industry?

Fleet News: ‘Mind reading’ could lead to fewer road accidents

AM Online: Dealers losing revenue by neglecting accident aftercare training 

Telegraph: How motorway service stations push up prices

Garage Expo: 89% of Customers Are Not Offered Car Remanufacturing As an Option by Their Mechanic 

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