Installation of a Vehicle Lift

When it comes to vehicle lifts, the installation work is as important as the manufacturing process. However, this work is often conducted by an installation and maintenance company and may be out of the direct control of the lift manufacturer. All lifts, apart from mobile column lifts, rely on correct installation; therefore the British Standards Institute (BSI) has produced a standard for vehicle lift installation know as BS 7980:2003, which has become the lift engineer’s bible.

Always have your lift installed by a GEA Accredited Lift Engineer who understands all the regulations and standards and follows the correct guidance and procedures provided by the lift manufacturer.

So you have purchased a CE marked lift and have had it installed correctly, … however, because the lift is to be used in the workplace, the garage proprietor will also be required to meet two UK Regulations, known as the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulation (LOLER) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). LOLER calls for a thorough examination of work equipment and PUWER mandates regular maintenance of that equipment.

So before using the vehicle lift for the first time, it’s the garage owner/employer’s responsibility to make sure that the vehicle lift has undergone a thorough examination by a competent person. This check that’s the installation of the lift is satisfactory and is safe to use… its similar to having a registered gas fitter check out your cooker or heating system before using it.

Once in use LOLER also states that the lift must be periodically thoroughly examined and PUWER states that it should also be maintained properly.


PHOTOS: Recent installations carried out at one of customer's sites.

To be continued... Next month: How to properly maintain your vehicle lift!

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