The Weekly Roundup

Research has discovered that 50% of callers hang up within 20 seconds if forced to listen to silence when on hold. A survey of 3,360 UK companies found that garages leave customers on hold for an average of 31.11 seconds per call, putting themselves at serious risk of losing business.

In other news, we look at the possibility of up to 60% of whiplash claims being fraudulent or exaggerated following the Transport select committee examining the scale of whiplash payouts. Symptoms have been described as ‘too easy to fake’ and medical experts say that whiplash injuries can occur in vehicles being driven just over 6mph, leaving no way to tell if the claim is genuine or not.

Bodyshop Mag: Lost calls equal lost business

AM Online: Are consumers choosing access over ownership?

Auto Bulbs Direct: IAM urges motorists to check tyres

BBC: European car sales suffer worst June total since 1996

Daily Mail: Half of whiplash claims are bogus

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