The Weekly Roundup

This weeks top story looks at the rise of ‘Flash for Crash’ claims, where fraudsters flash their lights at a round about or junction, enticing innocent drivers into the path of a deliberate collision in a bid to claim on their insurance. Some 380 false insurance claims are made daily, costing the motor industry £1.7m a year.

In other news, a survey of 1,500 drivers revealed that should their car suffer even minor damage, 47% would use it as an excuse to buy a new one as they feel that it becomes “tainted” and they no longer want it!

Bodyshop Mag: ‘Flash for crash’ tactic on the rise

Daily Mail: Why being single, unemployed, or keeping your car in a garage not a drive can drive up insurance costs 

Telegraph: Motorists call for tougher fines for uninsured drivers

Daily Mail: Rise in car repairs from potholes sparks driver calls for more to be spent on improving roads

Autoscene UK: Drivers admit to wanting to replace their car after it has been involved in an accident 

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