The Weekly Roundup

This week’s top story looks at the possibility of cars being fitted with devices that can automatically apply the brakes if you’re going over the speed limit, meaning that no car in the UK would be allowed to travel faster than 70mph – the speed limit on motorways.

In other news, new research has found drivers are wasting up to £1.3 billion a year because they don’t have the correct change for pay and display car parking machines. The study found the average driver overpays by £2.19 on pay and display machines every week – a wasted £113.63 every year.

Daily Mail: Britain fights EU's 'Big Brother' bid to fit every car with speed limiter

Aftermarket Online: Garage schemes report rise in membership

Telegraph: Motorists with up to 42 penalty points still driving

Yahoo: Parents are prepared to play taxi to grown-up children

Motortrades Insight: Millions of motorists pay for car park spaces they don't use

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