The Weekly Roundup

A collaborative project in North East England is developing an innovative solution to the problem of successfully exploiting the potential of used batteries from electric vehicles. The venture explores the possibility of harnessing power in EV batteries as energy storage in a domestic or workplace environment, either for charging vehicles, providing an emergency power source or feeding power back into the grid.

In other news, Motorists have been warned that they are leaving themselves open to a high risk of identity fraud if they post images of their driving licence on social media websites. With only a few basic details, fraudsters can open bank accounts, obtain loans, credit cards and goods, or even commit car insurance fraud in your name.

Motor Trades Insight: Recycling electric car batteries to provide power to homes could mean 'an end to power cuts'

Garage Expo: Research creates new opportunities from waste heat

Daily Mail: More than a MILLION motorists are being chased by bounty hunters over unpaid parking fines

Motor Trader: Demand rises for more MoT testers in 2013

RAC: Fraud risk from licence images

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