The Weekly Roundup

Franchised dealers and independent garages are charging less for service, maintenance and repair work than they did 12 months ago. Increased competition from fast fits, aggressive carmaker loyalty programmes and price savvy motorists are among the reasons behind the price fall.

Holding on to or giving up your driving licence as you get older is never an easy decision. A new video by road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist has been launched to help promote safer use of the roads by older drivers. The video on gives advice on how to stay as safe as possible for as long as possible.

Also in this week’s roundup, to celebrate their 25 year anniversary, Auto Express are winding back the clock and looking at how the cost of motoring has changed since their first issue in 1988.

Motor Trader: Car servicing labour rates fall 10% in 2013

Express: Is it time to give up your driving licence?

Motor Trades Insight: Parking Tickets Are On The Rise But It Is No Surprise, Says FTA

Daily Mail: 'Greedy' councils rush to install new super-Gatso that catches FIFTY times as many drivers as standard traffic cameras

Auto Express: Counting the cost of your car

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