Training on Vehicle Lifts

Before allowing your employees to operate the lift they must understand the information provided in all manuals supplied by the lift manufacturer and be fully trained by the lift manufacturer or the supplier of the equipment.

The guide can also be used as a generic training aid to provide knowledge on the general principle of using different types of vehicle lift, but it’s not intended to replace the operator’s manual or specific product training.

Basic safety advice for all types of vehicle lifts:

  • Never overload your lift; the Safe Working Load (SWL) must be displayed on the lift. If it’s missing or illegible, contact your service company for advice.
  • Never allow people to stand on or under the vehicle while the lift is being operated.
  • Never climb onto the vehicle lift or the vehicle itself when the lift is raised.
  • In the event of a malfunction or when work is finished, always fully lower the vehicle lift and disconnect the power using the mains switch.
  • When welding is being undertaken to vehicles on the lift, arrange proper earth continuity.
  • Do not work on or with equipment if you are unsure of its safe condition.
  • Do not use 1 or 1 of the 4 lifting arms of a 2 post lift to raise part of a vehicle lift.
  • Do not override any safety devices in order to operate the lift.


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