The Weekly Roundup

British-based firm ‘McLaren’ are designing a sports car that uses a system adapted from fighter jets to keep a driver’s vision clear in bad weather, making wiper blades a thing of the past! The F1 car makers are keeping tight lipped about their plans and refusing to explain how the system will work, however experts suggest it may make use of ultrasound to create tiny vibrations on the screen which would bounce off rain, insects and mud.

In other news, around a third of drivers believe that kicking a tyre is an adequate test of whether they are properly inflated. One in four motorists don’t know how to check if their tyre tread depth is above or below the legal limit, a factor that may explain why two thirds of them have skidded on UK roads during the winter.

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Matters of Testing: Diesel particulate filter check now required as part of MOT test

Fleet News: Drivers lack basic knowledge about tyre checks

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