The Weekly Roundup

Women are to be offered help to protect themselves against aggressive drivers and potential dangers if their car breaks down. It is part of a new initiative run by serving police officer and self-protection expert Andy Williams called Women in Gear. The scheme includes an evening workshop course to teach basic maintenance and useful get-you-home tips.

In other news, the increasingly popular dashboard cameras used to provide evidence in accidents could soon be made redundant by cars that take video footage themselves with their built-in parking cams. That’s the promise of tech-focused supplier Qualcomm. It says its new in-dash processors can take data from the ever-growing number of parking cameras found on modern cars, and record footage – either at the press of a button on the dashboard, or automatically in the event of a crash.

RAC: Help for women against road bullies

Motor Trader: BEN launches Give a Scrap scheme to raise funds

After Market Online: Discounting MOTs rarely generates extra revenue

Yahoo: Public Says No To Motorway Go Slow Plans

Auto Express: In-car parking cameras to record evidence of accidents

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