The Weekly Roundup

You might think obeying the Highway Code and respecting speed limits makes you a good motorist. But your health and well-being could be compromising your safety behind the wheel without you realising. Daily Mail gives us the full report on seemingly harmless things that could massively affect your driving ability - from low blood sugar to sneezing!

According to research carried out by Kwik Fit, 12% of motorists asked said their vehicles pulled to one side when the steering wheel was in the straight ahead position. Almost one million drivers said their steering pulled significantly. The issue affects younger drivers more, with 25% of those under 34 saying their car had steering issues, compared with only 2% of drivers over 55 reporting the problem.

Daily Mail: When driving with a cold is as bad as being drunk -  and even being a snorer or having a bad back could make a menace at the wheel

Motor Trader: Auto Trader to launch online chat service

Yahoo: Company drivers fail to have correct licence

RAC: Put the brakes on driver selfies

After Market Online: Wheel alignment issues increasing

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