The Weekly Roundup

In a survey carried out on behalf of Kwik Fit, 47 per cent of respondents said that using a mobile handset to talk or text is their biggest bugbear, making it the nation’s most despised driving habit.Failing to indicate, dangerous overtaking and hogging the middle lane of a motorway were also among the top complaints.

In other news, a shocking 35% of young drivers admit to illegally driving a car without insurance – as do 15% of all motorists. Of those who admitted driving without insurance, 7% said it was simply because they couldn't be bothered, while 8% believe there is no point having insurance as they don’t think they will have a crash.

MSN: More than a third of young motorists drive without insurance

Telegraph: Mobile phone use while driving is most hated driving habit

RAC: Fuel costs worry motorists most

Matters Of Testing: Defects hidden from tester’s view – We need your help!

Yahoo: Call for complete smoking ban in cars

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