Gott Guides: Brenna Blades


brenna folder

1.) How long have you worked at Gott Technical Services?

Just over 1 ½ years and it has flown by!

2 .) What is your position/job title there?

Administration Assistant

3.) What’s the favourite thing you like about your job?

My role is quite varied and I’m often given new challenges which keep me busy! I enjoy tasks that involve being creative and/or test my computer skills.

4.) Is there any particular piece of equipment/area of service that you specialise in or feel you know most about?

I specialise in typing and sending Remedial Reports following Contract Preventative Maintenance visits. I gather all the paperwork from the engineer, type them into our formal document templates and send to the customer letting them know of any work that is required to get their equipment up to its Health & Safety standard. If the customer then decides to go ahead with the repairs I gather the necessary paperwork, send any parts for ordering and see the job through to the end!

5.) What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to paint, draw or do anything creative!

6.) Talk us through one of your normal days at work.

I get in at just before half 8, start up my computer and reply to any new emails. I go through the work I have in my In-tray which is normally remedial and Lift reports to type and get started on those. I am often taking calls and transferring them through to the correct department or helping where I can throughout the day. Mid day I focus on filing, emptying the shredding tray and making everyone a nice cup of tea! Towards the end of the day I search the internet for stories to include in our ‘Weekly Roundup’ which is shared across our social media channels every Friday or adding bits into our e-newsletter which is shared at the end of each month, full of top stories from the Automative Industry, tips and latest company news (as well as the ‘Gott Guides’ feature).

Your top tip:

Never stop trying to learn new skills!

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