The Weekly Roundup

A new robotic arm system, that has been given the same name as Dr Who's infamous arch enemies, fits onto the front of a truck and fills holes in the road with tar and gravel in under two minutes - 30 times faster than normal. Known as the Pothole Killer in the US, the system is currently being trialled in Bedfordshire and could be extended nationwide if it proves a success.

In other news, car ownership amongst women has grown to nearly 10 million, not including company cars and vans. Whilst men still account for 14.7m private cars in use, that figure has grown just 500,000 in 10 years. Women have bought an additional 1.6m cars.

RAC: Dalek bid to exterminate potholes

Yahoo: Shocking stats reveal mobile use while driving

The Guardian: 'Cash for crash' scams fuel sharp rise in insurance fraud

Telegraph: Clamp down on car warranties

AM Online: Women 'the ignored' force in new car retailing

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