Gott Guides: Neil Harmer

Neil Harmer, 35, joined Gott’s earlier this year and has taken on the role of Purchasing & Stores Administrator. Neil was born in Germany in an R.A.F hospital and spent most of his childhood there before joining the Army. Whilst serving he spent time in countries such as Northern Ireland, Iraq, Canada, Oman, Cyprus ,Austria, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Whilst in Canada doing exercise training for Iraq he met Sonya, a driver trade in the Royal Logistics Corps. They have been married for 8 years and have 2 lovely children; Lewis, who has just turned nine and Lily, who is three in July. After 18 years of service, Neil was medically discharged from the Army for a spinal injury which occurred in Afghanistan. He then went on to drive class 1 heavy goods for a large transport company. Having been a supply specialist in the Royal logistic Corps, Neil thought the role here at Gott’s would be perfect for him!

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1.) How long have you worked at Gott Technical Services?

Two and a half months.

2 .) What is your position/job title there?

Purchasing & Stores Administrator.

3.) What’s the favourite thing you like about your job?

There are no two days the same and as I’m new every day is a learning day.

4.) Is there any particular piece of equipment/area of service that you specialise in or feel you know most about?

The ordering up of spare parts/equipment for customers is probably the area I’m most knowledgeable in at the moment, but I’m sure that soon enough that will expand.  

5.) What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not at work there’s nothing better than spending time with my wife and two children at home or out and about. I enjoy watching my beloved Liverpool on the TV but now concentrate on getting my heart broken by England at the world cup.

6.) Talk us through one of your normal days at work.

I generally turn up about 0750 to turn the computer on ready for work. Put the kettle on and have that important early morning pre work coffee before starting to clear any outstanding work from the day before. Normally I would then start ordering up spares for jobs or buying in equipment for new installations which could take a few hours as we source goods from all over the world. We also keep a vast amount of stock which is sent to customers around the country on a daily basis for small repairs. Sporadically throughout the day I receive in deliveries and process them ready for jobs and book them in with the girls upstairs. I also on a daily basis update the database with new prices and stock quantities and make any adjustments where necessary. At home time I am responsible for the security of the stores and ensuring the alarms are set.      

Your top tip:

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.


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