The Weekly Roundup

Six in 10 UK drivers own up to risky tailgating (57%) and a similar proportion break the limit by 10mph or more (60%) on motorways and 70mph dual carriageways, with men by far the worst offenders, a survey by Brake and Direct Line reveals.

Also in the news this week, a number of major insurers are launching hi-tech products this year that will monitor driving data such as the number of journeys, time of day the car is used and behaviour such as speed and braking. Under EU regulations, all new cars will need black box-style technology, known as eCall, from October 2015, to help emergency services find crashed vehicles. The prospect has prompted serious concerns about drivers' rights to privacy.

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RAC: Councils clamp down on blue badge abuse

Telegraph: Drivers without insurance 'black box' could be forced off the road within 10 years

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