The Weekly Roundup

Aftersales specialists still have a long way to go in convincing drivers of the necessity of regular servicing, in particular with regard to the benefits outweighing the cost. A survey commissioned by dealer Evans Halshaw found that 52% of drivers admitted to typically putting off car maintenance, 62% said that cost is the primary reason.

In other news, Drivers caught speeding on the motorway could soon be forced to pay up to £10,000 by way of penalty. It follows a government announcement of a fourfold increase in the maximum fines available to magistrates.

AM Online: Majority of car owners delay service bookings due to cost concerns

Auto Express: New plans to reduce car insurance costs announced

The AA: Confiscated keys and kickabouts

Matters of testing: The future of MOT slot payments by cheque

Brake: Brake welcomes increase in fines for motorway speeding and phone use at the wheel

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