The DfT have now finalised the public Consultation for the acceptance of the 18th edition of the In-Service Exhaust Emission Standards including the intention to no longer produce a hard copy and to change the frequency of future updates to biennial.

From the 1st August the Road Traffic Act will state that a vehicle being driven in the UK must comply with the Data provided in the 18th edition.

The DVSA needed to have the 18th edition put onto the VTS device beforehand; therefore they have issued a Special Notice to Vehicle Testing Stations stating the following:

"This Special Notice introduces the Eighteenth Edition of the “In-Service Exhaust Emission Standards for Road Vehicles” data.
Although the data will be visible on the VTS Device from 13 July 2014 it does not apply until 01 August 2014, so in the meantime you must use the data on your exhaust gas analyser (EGA) database.  From 01 August 2014 up until your EGA database is updated with the Eighteenth Edition, you must use the emissions limits shown on the VTS Device by selecting the ‘messages VSI and reports’ option.
These may vary from those in your current EGA database. AEs must ensure that their EGA database is updated by 30 November 2014.
Following a Department for Transport consultation this data will now be amended every two years instead of annually. Also there will be no further hard copies of this data provided, in order to align with the Government’s ‘digital by default’ service standard."

Please note however, we are still waiting for the 18th Edition to be made available from the equipment manufacturers.

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