The Weekly Roundup

A large proportion of motorists believe that a lack of police on the road is contributing to more and more offences going unpunished, according to the latest RAC Report on Motoring. The Report shows that 40 per cent of drivers consider it unlikely that other motorists committing offences such as tailgating, texting at the wheel or undertaking will be caught.

In other news, unskilled mechanics are free to set up shop and repair cars without any training, Auto Express has discovered, prompting calls from some industry bodies for proper licensing of the trade. The National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA) said most motorists are unaware that, unlike in many parts of Europe, the UK does not currently regulate entry to this profession. That means unlicensed and poorly trained mechanics could run a garage and repair your car without breaking the law.

Auto Express: Cowboy mechanic clamp-down proposed

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RAC: Young drivers 'take selfies at wheel'

Daily Mail: 10million drivers 'misled' into going diesel: Claim as motorists face penalties over fuel despite being told it's greener than petrol

Telegraph: Drivers disappointed by "lack of police"

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