The Weekly Roundup

It is the most infuriating of motorway driving delays – an otherwise open road blocked by a middle lane “hog”. Now, new research has found six out of 10 motorists admit to being middle lane hoggers, as well as shedding light on their justification for the dangerous and selfish practice.

Tax discs have graced our windscreens for 93 years - on every car from the 1921 Alfa Romeo G1 to the electric Roadster. But from October, this piece of history is ending as the tax disc is ditched in favour of electronic tracking. So as the final few discs are issued, could your old - or new - ones become something of a collectors’ item? Possibly.

Telegraph: Research reveals drivers' excuses for hogging the middle lane, and unveils England's top 10 lane hogging hotspots

Aftermarket Online: VIDEO: Behind the scenes look at driverless cars

AM Online: IMI backs Government campaign to encourage young into apprenticeships

Matters Of Testing: Observed inspections with defects

Daily Mail: A collector's item in your windscreen? Old tax discs could be worth a bob or two after they are abolished - including the final ones

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