The Weekly Roundup

Manufacturers are warning the Government it needs to invest urgently in our "crumbling" road infrastructure. Failure to do so will have a substantial impact of the ability to deliver goods from A to B, the EEF fears.

Last year in the UK 518 people were killed and 8,345 seriously injured while walking and cycling, and the risks are heightened on dark winter evenings. Drivers can do their bit to protect people on foot or bike by pledging to slow down to 20mph or below around homes, schools and shops, giving themselves a far better chance of stopping in time in an emergency, such as if a child steps out from the darkness unexpectedly.

RAC: Manufacturers urge road investment

AM Online: New car finance reaches 13-year high

Fleet News: Crash-for-cash incidents at ‘all-time high’

Autoscene UK: Used car sales hit record volume and value levels

Brake: Go bright and go 20, says charity, to prevent road casualties as evenings get darker

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