The Weekly Roundup

Motorists who have a “black box” tracking device fitted to their car to cut their insurance premium are at risk of having the data handed over to the police and used against them, it has emerged. Many new cars are already automatically fitted with tracking devices, making it simpler and cheaper for insurers to price policies based on motorists’ actual driving style. Good drivers are awarded discounts, while aggressive motorists can see their premiums soar.

Also this week, Auto Express compares driving tests from around the world to find the simplest and toughest places you can learn to drive!

Telegraph: Insurers admit 'black box' data may be handed to police

AM Online: What car dealers need to know about the Motor Codes warranty code

The AA: 50 years of drink driving education

RAC: Parents paying out for child fuel costs

Auto Express: Driving tests of the world: the fiendishly hard to the amazingly easy

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