The Weekly Roundup

Drink-drive campaigners are targeting female motorists this Christmas after statistics highlighted the number of women driving while over the limit. The SRA research suggested that women who admitted driving after a drink gave a variety of reasons, including unexpected calls from teenage children to pick them up; being expected to drive while out with partners who announced they were over the limit; and not wanting to risk late-night public transport.

Every day, 64 people are killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads, with more than a quarter of all collisions involving somebody driving for work. However, the risk of death and serious injury can be greater or lower depending on the stretch of road being travelled. Fleet News reveals Britain’s most dangerous roads!

The Guardian: Women driving while over the alcohol limit targeted in Christmas campaign

RAC: Britain tops world road rage league

Tread Magazine: As weather worsens, new research finds one in ten cars haven’t had their tyres checked for a year!

Brake: Brake launches ‘look out for each other’ campaign as extent of selfish driving across UK is revealed

Fleet News: Safety charity reveals most dangerous British roads

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