The Weekly Roundup

Half of Britons would be unwilling passengers in driverless cars over safety concerns, with 16 per cent professing to feel 'horrified' by the notion of unmanned vehicles driving on British roads.

When used responsibly, using a voice-based sat-nav can make you a safer than using a visual display or paper map, as you can navigate without looking away from the road. However, there is some evidence that relying on a sat-nav can make you drive faster and make you less observant.

Telegraph: Half of Britons unwilling to be passengers in driverless cars

Auto Express: Roadside drug-tests rolled out in England and Wales

RAC: Does pothole budget go far enough?

Matters of Testing: Online survey shows most sites are ready to move to new testing service

Brake: Turn around when possible: one in seven risking lives to correct sat-nav mistakes

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