The Weekly Roundup

The leader of the motor industry professional body, the Institute of the Motor Industry, is calling on employers to consider increasing the starting salary for apprentices by more than 70% to compete with academic career paths. To offset arguments against raising pay on economic grounds, the IMI has produced evidence to show the motor industry can easily cope with a £2 per hour uplift in the starting salary for apprentices.

With Google maps being too slow for the average car, researchers have developed technology that allows a car to 'see' the road in high definition with what they claim to be 10-20 cm precision. The maps are using Lidar sensors which use a rapidly-spinning laser array to bounce light off the surrounding area and then measure its distance.

AM Online: Call for apprentices to be given 70% pay increase

Telegraph: Reversing is no longer the only car parking nightmare

The Guardian: Electric cars could cut oil imports 40% by 2030, says study

Matters of Testing: Giving the right advice

Daily Mail: See the World through the eyes of a self-driving car: High-resolution maps reveal how smart vehicles navigate busy roads

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