The Weekly Roundup

A survey by has revealed that fewer than one in three drivers plan to return to the place of their previous service. Just 28% of those surveyed revealed that they would go back to the same garage as before, with the remaining 72% planning to shop around.

Every month CAP Automotive tracks the tastes of motorists by analysing valuations by consumers of used cars they are interested in buying. The car valuation company has identified a resurgence of interest in shades that have been shunned in the mainstream car market for decades – including green, beige, gold, bronze, brown, yellow and even orange.

Aftermarket: Fewer drivers staying loyal to garages

Brake: Brake hails better justice for victims of disqualified drivers as tougher sentences come into effect

The Guardian: Petrol pump costs still rising despite oil price dip, AA says

RAC: Drivers caught out by new tax rules

Fleet News: Retro car colours making a comeback among used car buyers

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