The Weekly Roundup

Coned off roads are the bane of millions of angry motorists furious by the gridlock and delays they cause. Yet more than four out of ten lane closures on England’s motorways and major roads are caused by vehicle break-downs – rather than roadworks – with unsupervised children, thoughtless pedestrians, hooligans throwing objects and people driving on the wrong side of the road - adding to the disruption, new figures reveal.

An analysis of collisions on UK roads has shown that 234 teenage car passengers were killed or seriously injured when a driver aged 17-19 was involved in a crash. The figures, calculated by the RAC Foundation, also show that despite comprising just 1.5% of full licence holders, teenage drivers are involved in 12% of accidents where someone is killed or seriously injured.

Daily Mail: Stray animals, cars driving in the wrong direction and unsupervised children - just what is causing the UK's traffic jams? (and it's not roadworks)

Telegraph: Dashboard camera sales rocket as insurers accept footage as evidence

RAC: 4 in 5 drivers victims of road rage

The AA: ‘Ghost’ car tax pulls in £38 million Government windfall

Express: 234 teenage passengers die in crashes when driven by teen drivers

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