The Weekly Roundup

DVSA’s MOT Training, Education and Skills Support team is currently developing nationally recognised qualifications that will professionalise the role of MOT testers and Authorised Examiners. The qualifications will ensure MOT testers and AEs are kept up to date through continuing professional development that they will complete every year.

Driverless cars could liberate almost 1.5 million elderly people virtually trapped in their own homes because of poor or inaccessible public transport links, a study has concluded. It could also potentially save older drivers hundreds of pounds a year in insurance premiums if tests show that the driverless cars can, as claimed, reduce the risk of accidents.

Matters of Testing: Developing professional MOT testing qualifications

Auto Express: New law to make complaints against car manufacturers easier

Independent: Third of all car journeys delayed by roadworks after Government gives money to councils for repairs

The Guardian: 'I'll be back 200 yards': new GPS features Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator

Telegraph: How driverless cars could revolutionise old age

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