The Weekly Roundup

Around 59% of British parents with children aged 17-25 make a contribution to the cost of keeping them on the road, according to a new survey. Over 2,000 adults were asked about how they financially support their children to drive. One in five parents said that they will buy or make a contribution towards their child's first car purchase; 16% said that they help cover the cost of maintaining the car, including servicing and MoT; 15% help with insurance costs; and 11% help with the cost of any post-collision repairs.

According to a new study, Scientists have associated long-term subjection to road traffic with increased stroke risk and reduced life expectancy. Noise pollution has already been linked with raised blood pressure, insomnia and even weight gain. The report's lead scientist thinks it could add to growing proof that road noise reductions would benefit people's health.

Express: Young drivers kept on the road by mum and dad

The Guardian: ‘L’ is for licence revoked as DVLA errors make learner drivers out of old hands

Matters of Testing: Claiming your new MOT testing service accounts

AM Online: UK car manufacturing rose 2.3% in May

RAC: Traffic noise could shorten life spans

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