The Weekly Roundup

A worrying new survey suggests that motorists are learning their Highway Code to pass their test - rather than retaining it to help them drive safely. has found that virtually all motorists would not pass their driving theory exam if they had to take it today.

Also this week, Scottish MSP is pushing for graduated driving licences that would impose restrictions on 17 and 18 year old drivers. The first change would be for drivers ages 17 and 18 to display the 'P' plate for 12 months after passing their test. They'd also be forbidden from carrying passengers under 25, unless accompanied by a qualified driver of 25 years and older. Additionally, new drivers would be met with a near-zero-tolerance drink-drive limit.

RAC: Driving test theory knowledge soon lost

AM Online: How psychology can support targeted marketing for car dealers

Fleet News: Use of telematics first step to fewer accidents and increased driver safety, says LeasePlan

Matters Of Testing: VIDEO: The MOT testing service - What's in and what's out?

Auto Express: Calls for special licences to limit young driver freedoms

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