The Weekly Roundup

The figures come from a new survey which polled 2,178 driver who had passed their test in the last two years. Respondents were asked who they took the majority of driving lessons with: 46% of them said that a family member had taught them; a further 28% said that a friend had been their main tutor; while only 26% said that a qualified driving instructor had been responsible for their lessons.

Also this week, disturbing new findings about phone use in cars reveals that young drivers aren't just distracted by texting while driving, but everything else a phone can do as well. One in five drivers admitted to taking a selfie in the car, with motorists between the ages of 25 and 35 most likely to mug for the camera while on the road. One in eight men had taken selfies in the car while only one in twenty women had.

Express: Only a quarter of drivers learn with a qualified driving instructor

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RAC: Tablets keeping in-car children quiet

Independent: Diesel is now cheaper than petrol for the first time in 15 years

Autoblog: Study finds one in five drivers take selfies behind the wheel

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