The Weekly Roundup

Motorists and passengers in England and Wales are being warned they will soon be breaking the law if they smoke in a vehicle carrying a person under 18. From 1 October, they face fixed penalty fines of £50 – with drivers at risk of being fined twice if they have failed to stop a passenger smoking and are smoking themselves.

Also this week, 36% of us blame our children for the state of our messy motors, according to new research. The research has also revealed that 8% of British motorists admit to having a dirty car – and that our cars can promote the spreading of bacteria such as staphylococcus and eColi.

The Guardian: Motorists alerted over upcoming ban on smoking in cars to prevent surge in fines

AM Online: Car hacking concerns dismissed by security experts

RAC: Nearly 20,000 motorists escape ban

Brake: Charity urges car buyers to put safety first, as survey finds brand more important to young drivers

Express: Clean car? You’re unlikely to have kids

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