The Weekly Roundup

A team of social psychologists from the London School of Economics has found seven different driving personalities, based on how drivers deal with their own feelings and their uncertainty about the behaviour of other motorists and road users. Which type of driver are you?

Also this week, The Department of Transport is drawing up a consultation to help increase the pass rate which includes a controversial part-privatisation of the practical examination. As well as asking learners to follow satnav directions for 20 minutes, another proposal is to scrap the three-point turn and reversing around a corner and replacing them with more commonplace manoeuvres such as reversing out of a parking bay. Let us know your thoughts!

Express: Seven types of driver identified by psychologists

Fleet News: Intelligent Telematics introduces safety league table system

RAC: Journey numbers down to record low

Brake: Who's putting your life on the line? For a quarter of drivers, it's family

Telegraph: New plans to overhaul driving tests, including changing the age and using satnavs

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