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Assessment of the arm locking systems of two-post vehicle lifts

The HSE have recently published their long-awaited report on their assessment of arm-locking systems on two post vehicle lifts.  The assessment was commenced following a number of instances of vehicles falling from two-post vehicle lifts.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) became concerned that some lifts available for sale in the United Kingdom (UK) may not be fit for purpose due to inferior build quality and or design. A particular area of concern identified by HSE was the locking systems used to secure the carrying arms during lifting operations.

The purpose of the research was to investigate whether a selection of typical two-post vehicle lifts forming a cross-section of what was available on the U.K. market (at the time the research was instigated), complied with the requirements of paragraph four of section 5.9.5 in BS EN 1493:20101 .

Shockingly, only three out of seven lifts assessed met current EU standards requirements!

We are pleased to say that the Rotary lifts that we sell meet all requirements.

To view the full RR1030 report visit

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